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Anónimo preguntó:

Hey friend I saw the tags on that bad Inuyasha cosplay post and i noticed that there is indeed an offensive word in there, you should change that.

Fixed darling 

andarthas-web preguntó:

re: Tom's pics - I don't speak spanish. Will an explanation in english do?

im not have a problem for speak in english! i understand a little bit hehehe, im need a know of Tom Pics,my question is … really Tom is in this pics ? is Tom with a lady in green ? xoxo! sorry for my bad english !

*O* gracias por seguirme chicos! son los mejores ! 240 seguidores,no lo esperaba nunca ! los amo! 

Thanks for follow me dude! you are the best! 240 followers!,im never dream this! i love dudes !

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